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Samsung Galaxy S5: Review, comparisons and best UK deals

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is out today, but is it worth a purchase? Here’s our full review, how it compares with the best rivals, and the best deals to buy it in the UK…

After the huge Samsung Galaxy S5 launch in Barcelona, we’ve spent a lot of time with Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone back home in blighty. Check out our full Samsung Galaxy S5 review to see just what we thought of this fantastic new mobile, already a contender for best phone of 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S5: How does it compare?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly a great, feature-packed handset, but how does it stack up against the other flagship phones from this year and last?

We’ve compared the Galaxy S5 against last year’s Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S4, to see if it’s worth an upgrade – check out our full Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 comparison review right now to see what we thought.

We’ve also compared the Samsung Galaxy S5 with the HTC One M8, the Apple iPhone 5s and the Sony Xperia Z1, to see if the other super-phones can still stand up to Samsung’s giant. The Xperia Z1 holds up well considering it’s around two hundred quid cheaper these days, great news if your wallet’s a little barren – and our full Xperia Z2 comparison is coming very soon.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Best UK deals?

All of the UK’s major phone retailers and networks are unsurprisingly stocking the Samsung Galaxy S5, and here’s our full run-down of the best Galaxy S5 deals right now. Most retailers are offering some pretty enticing freebies, including free Galaxy Tab tablets and massive money-back offers.


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