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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini coming soon?

Another day, another Galaxy S5 Mini rumour – this time via an Indian import site.

We’re highly anticipating news of a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini handset emerging some time soon, and Indian import site Zauba might have just unveiled it a little early, if the latest rumours are true.

Samsung phone rocks up on Indian delivery report

Some eagle-eyed tech bods spotted that Zauba listed a ‘Samsung Smart Phone For R & D Purpose’ in a recent set of shipment records. The phones were listed with a cost of 22,253 Indian Rupees each, roughly equal to £217.

Not much at all to go on, we know, but that hasn’t stopped Galaxy S5 Mini rumours from flying around the interwebs – and not for the first timeWe’ll keep you informed if anything more concrete emerges, but in the meantime check out our exclusive full review of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is a truly marvellous feature-packed flagship phone.

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Source: Sammobile


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