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Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips & Tricks

There’s no denying that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 is jam-packed with cool features, so we thought we’d show you how to find the best and brightest of the bunch.

Tip 1: Multi window

The S6 packs the latest incarnation of Samsung’s multi-window feature thanks to a powerful processor that allows for real-time multitasking. There are actually two flavours of this feature on board, the first being the split screen view.

Just tap the app switch button and you’ll see a list of applications currently running. Some will pack a dual window icon on their title bar, which when pressed will snap that app to the top half of your screen, you’ll then be able to select another app to run below it and you can resize the amount of screen real-estate each app has.

Dragging your finger from the top right or left of the screen whilst in an app activates pop-up view. This alternate mode lets you resize an app into a floating window, drag it around, and you can do this with multiple apps at once. You can even minimise or full-screen these apps by tapping the grab handle and selecting one of the icons.

Tip 2: Emergency mode

This feature has the potential to be a real lifesaver, literally. Holding the power button will bring up the standard menu for switching off or restarting your S6, but at the bottom there’s also Emergency Mode.

If you find yourself in a pinch, be that trapped in a burning building or stuck on a bus with a bomb strapped to the bottom you’re going to need all the juice you can for calls and other means of alerting nearby folk. Emergency mode switches the S6’s display into a low-power greyscale affair (similar to Ultra power-saving mode) and minimises which of the phone’s many antennas are in use and which apps are accessible.

You can still make calls, flip on the torch, use an alarm to attract attention and pin a couple of apps like Facebook and the web browser in there too, but when you’re in trouble, updating that status should probably be further down you list of priorities.

Tip 3: Download booster

One innovative feature we’ve seen on a fair few Samsung’s lately is Download Booster and it’s great if you constantly find yourself trying to download big attachments or apps.

Toggle on this feature from the settings menu or the notifications panel and your S6 will optimise download speeds through a combination of WiFi and the phone’s Cat 6 4G LTE mobile data connection. For files over 30MB, this thing should eat through those files like no tomorrow.

Tip 4: Camera quick launch

Samsung’s pushed some powerful new silicon and some extra speedy memory into the Galaxy S6, as such features that were already fast, have been made even faster.

Even if the phone’s screen is off, you can double-tap the home button and jump into the rear camera’s viewfinder in a mere 0.7 seconds and the shutter is pretty rapid too. The iPhone should be worried.

Tip 5: Fingerprint scanner

Whilst the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Alpha, the Galaxy Note 4 and the Note Edge all packed fingerprint sensors, the S6 is the first phone to offer one that isn’t infuriatingly hit and miss.

When you first set the phone up you’ll be given the opportunity to register a fingerprint. Unlike the company’s older phones, this no longer means swiping to get your print to read, but instead only requires a simple press against the home button, much like Apple’s most recent iPhones.

Not only is it more accurate, convenient and faster, but dip into the settings menu and your digits can also be used to verify online transactions taking place via PayPal and once it’s here, Samsung Pay as well.

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