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Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge price and release date

If you’re looking to get your hands on Samsung’s latest top dogs, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, look no further than our comprehensive pricing and availability feature.

Samsung Galaxy S7 on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Chocolate aside, the UK’s largest carrier promised us that it would indeed be bringing #TheNextGalaxy to market before the phones were even made official by Samsung.

Both phones can be had on a range of EE’s tariffs with an upfront cost of £49.99 for the 32GB Galaxy S7 on a 24-month, £44.49 a month 4GEE Extra plan. That includes unlimited calls and texts, plus 4GB of 4G data a month.

The 32GB S7 Edge is up for grabs with a £29.99 upfront cost on a 24-month, £49.99 a month 4GEE plan with the same allowances as its smaller sibling. If you’re already part of the EE family, however, both of these plans come with 10GB of data for the same money.

Beyond the basic plans, however, EE has a ton of extras to sweeten these S7 deals too. Buying them through EE grants you access to WiFi calling, with 4G calling becoming available soon after, buying either of these handsets through EE grants you three months of free Google Play Music access. Find out more about EE’s S7 deals here.

Carphone Warehouse

Following on from last year’s ‘Exbluesive’ campaign surrounding the Topaz Blue Galaxy S6, Carphone Warehouse has once again snagged an exclusive hue of both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Both phones can now be had in Titanium Silver (as well as gold and black), without any upfront costs. The S7 is available on a range of plans from all the major carriers including iD, starting at £39 a month, whilst S7 Edge plans start at £44 a month. Find out more about the Galaxy S7 from Carphone Warehouse here and the S7 Edge here.


O2’s popular Refresh tariffs play host to both of Samsung’s newest top dogs, letting you upgrade to the next, next Galaxy just 12 months on from purchase of your S7 or S7 Edge at no extra cost.

Highlighted Refresh tariffs for the Galaxy S7 include unlimited minutes, texts and 3GB data for £46 per month with an upfront cost of £29.99, whilst those after the larger Edge can choose from options such as unlimited minutes, texts and 3GB data with an upfront cost of £9.99 for £51 a month.

If you pick up one of O2’s mammoth 30GB Refresh plans and decide to trade in down the line, they’ll cover the outstanding costs, unlike the rest of the Refresh tariffs that require that you pay off the remainder of your contract. Find out more on the Galaxy S7 from O2 here and the S7 Edge here.


Three is keeping things simple for its S7 pricing. Both phones are available on a range of plans and naturally all come with the carrier’s signature benefits, such as; Feel At Home (read: international call, text and data usage at no extra cost across 18 different countries), 4G at no extra cost, access to the UK’s most reliable mobile network and thanks to these phone’s beefy hardware, access to Three’s 4G Super-voice network where available.

Here’s a look at the network’s current tariffs for the S7 look like:

Data Minutes Upfront cost Monthly cost
1GB AYCE £99 £35
2GB AYCE £29 £41
4GB AYCE £29 £44
8GB AYCE £29 £47
12GB AYCE £29 £50
AYCE AYCE £29 £56

…and here’s a lineup of the plans you can nab the Galaxy S7 Edge on:

Data Minutes Upfront cost Monthly cost
1GB AYCE £99 £41
2GB AYCE £49 £47
4GB AYCE £49 £53
8GB AYCE £49 £53
12GB AYCE £49 £56
AYCE AYCE £49 £62

You can get all the skinny on Three’s S7 information here and S7 Edge info here.

Like Carphone Warehouse, is offering up both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on a host of plans from a myriad of carriers. The site is pushing some suggested plans that avoid upfront costs altogether. For £40 a month you can grab the S7 (with 2GB of data a month) or the S7 Edge for £54 and 6GB of data a month. Find out more from here.

There’s every possibility that you just want the phone and nothing more, and if that’s the case Samsung has some offerings of its own. You can pick up the 32GB Galaxy S7 for £569, which you can pay for online using a credit/debit or PayPal.

Alternatively, Sammy now offers monthly payment plans using PayPal Credit (comes with 14.9 per cent fixed-rate interest) or its own upgrade program, resulting in £24.58 a month for 24-months. The S7 Edge is available using the same payment methods, with a single purchase option at £639 via credit/debit card or PayPal, or a monthly cost of £27.60 on a 24-month plan. Find out more and purchase either phone here.

Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile has a range of tariffs to choose from, all of which cover a 24-month term, come with 5000 texts, no upfront cost and the option of an anytime upgrade. Take a look at the pricing and allowances for the 32GB versions of the Galaxy S7:

Data Minutes Monthly cost
2GB 2000 £37.50
2GB 3000 £39.50
3GB 5000 £41.50
6GB 5000 £46.50
8GB 5000 £49
20GB 5000 £57

…and what you get if you’re after a 32GB Galaxy S7 Edge:

Data Minutes Monthly cost
2GB 2000 £41
2GB 3000 £43
3GB 5000 £45
6GB 5000 £50
8GB 5000 £52.50
20GB 5000 £60.50

Find out more, including how to get both phones on Tesco Mobile here.

Virgin Media

You can nab the S7 and S7 Edge on a range of Virgin Media’s Freestyle contracts. The Galaxy S7 is up for grabs in black or gold starting from £34 a month, whilst the S7 Edge is up for grabs in black, with prices starting at £38 a month. Virgin Media’s WiFi Buddy app will also come pre-loaded on devices, granting users access to a ton of secure WiFi networks across the UK. Find out more and purchase either phone here.


On the 10GB Red bundle, which also comes with unlimited texts and data, you’ll be expected to pay £29 upfront for either S7 variant after which the standard S7 costs £44 a month and the S7 Edge, £50 a month. Siding with Vodafone’s Red Value bundles also opens up the opportunity to bag yourself free Netflix access for 12 months or alternatively Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium, or a Now TV Entertainment Pass for 24 months. Find out more and purchase from Vodafone here for the S7 and here for the S7 Edge.

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Update 29/2/16: Removed mention of the white Galaxy S7 from the Tesco Mobile information. Initial reports from Tesco Mobile’s press release were amended to only reference the gold and black S7 colourways.

Update 3/5/16: Removed mention of pre-orders and replaced them with purchase information. Included new information regarding Carphone Warehouse’s exclusivity (at the time of writing) on the Titanium Silver Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.


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