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Samsung Galaxy Skin: New phone concept imagines a super-thin, flexible future

We’re not sure how this concept design for future uses of Samsung’s flexible AMOLED screen technology passed us by, but we’re correcting our mistakes now. Here it is. The concept design, labelled the Galaxy Skin, has a flexible frame that measures only 8mm, whilst the screen would stretch to 4 inches.

The Flexible AMOLED screen technology would allow the screen to wrap around a cylinder with as little as a 1-inch diameter.

This concept takes that flexibility and develops it into a very cool multifunctional phone, with several different structural permutations; clam-shell, bar and warp-around watch are all possible, as is the idea of propping itself up to act as a very high-resolution clock.

The fantasy spec sheet includes a 1GHz processor, augmented reality browser, and both a rear-facing 8-megapixel camera and front-facing VGA camera.

Running on an Android operating system, the flexible AMOLED screen would (feasibly?) running at 800×480 resolution, capable of high-definition video play-back, whilst one of the final mock-ups suggest it would be capable of also projecting video content. It certainly sounds like a wonder-phone.

Though we were unable to find the source of the mock-ups, they’re labelled as part of Samsung’s Talent Program 2011, and hopefully whichever blue-sky thinker dreamed up these concepts was dragged deep into the Korean giant to make this concept a reality. Samsung has already demonstrated similar lofty expectations for their flexible screens, see their own conceptual designs here.

Via: IBTimes, Ballal


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