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Samsung Galaxy Sleek trademarked

Sleek, slick, smooth, such aspirational words for mobile phone designers these days. As such, we have high expectations from the device that may result from Samsung’s latest trademarking.

Having trademarked the Samsung Galaxy Sleek name against a myriad of possible technologies, it is yet unclear whether Samsung forsee their Sleek as a tablet, smartphone or even MP3 player, however, gauging by what they’re doing with the current Galaxy line, we think it will either be a phone, tablet or PMP.

In the meantime, unless the Sleek rolls out on a leaked Samsung roadmap in the coming months, it’s probably going to be a while before we hear the words Samsung Galaxy Sleek again. For those of you who want to investigate further however, check out the trademark details here.

Source: Fusible Via: Slashgear