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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 gets hands-on video: Thicker than the Tab 10.1?

Spotted at the BlogHer 2011 event, Team Tecca managed to grab some hands-on time under the camera with Sanmmy’s middle-weight offering.

The main point we noted after watching the video is that it looks to be slightly porkier than the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was released in shops last week.

Other than that, both the volume and power controls have been switched across to the top of the device- depending on its orientation, that is.

Similarly, speakers have been transplanted to either side of the docking port, whilst there’s also been some software changes, with the Tab 8.9 running a retweaked Android skin, presumably an updated TouchWiz interface; Samsung’s  version of HTC’s Sense.

Whilst we wait more news on Galaxy Tab 8.9 prices and release dates, the latest we have heard is a whopping £605 price-tag, and a launch date of August 12, spotted last week. This release date has already disappeared from the Amazon UK page.

It’ll be interesting to see how Samsung will price the tablet, pitched between those big-screen Android phones and bigger tablets like its older brother and the iPad 2 – and to see how it all runs when we get one in to test.


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