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Samsung Galaxy Tab joins Three’s new range of tablets

Three have announced they’ll be stocking the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Linx Commtiva N700, and the Transformer-esque lappie-tabbie, the Dell Inspiron Duo.

You’ll be able to buy the Commtiva N700 for under an initial £100, then paying £25 per month on a two year contract. That’ll include 15GB of data per month.

The N700 has a back-facing three-megapixel camera, and you’ll be able to show off your pictures and videos on the seven-inch touch-screen, capable of 800×480 resolution.

We’re surprised that, for one of the cheaper laptops. it’ll be running Android 2.2- that should make it compatible with plenty of apps currently available from Google, and should be able to show off the recently released BBC iPlayer, though sadly not in HD.

With a similar sized screen, but more powerful credentials, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is able to pump out 1024×600, very high-def friendly. It’s also packing a 1GHz processor, Android 2.2, and plenty of space for music, videos and photos on 16GB of storage. The Galaxy Tab has both front and back-facing cameras, ready for video-chat.

You’ll have to stump up the initial £199, and it’ll be on a similar contract to the Commtiva – £25 for 24 months.

Samsung’s current promotion will also load the tablet up with £200-worth of films, music, magazines and games.

The last of Three’s tablet trio, the Inspiron Duo markets itself as a netbook tablet, that will “allow you to do both in style.” The screen can spin around from its laptop frame, facing out to act as a touch-screen .

The 10-inch Inspiron Duo will have a 320GB hard-disk, and comes on a hefty 24 instalments of £41.52 a month, following an initial £49.99. You’ll get a 5GB data-plan along with the hybrid beast.

UPDATE: We mistakenly labelled Linx’s Commtiva N700 as a Samsung tablet. It’s not, and has been duly corrected. Apologies for the slip-up.


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