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Samsung Galaxy Tab spearheading Tolkien-themed charity walk (video)

Frodo and the gang might have had the One Ring, a palantir, and some dry bread wrapped in leaves but they didn’t have a Samsung Galaxy Tab to help them on their travels.

Teams heading out on Crisis Mission’s Journey to the Midlands (and back again) however will be equipped with an original Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 to help them locate and solve location-based puzzles as they raise money for charity.

The sponsored walks taking place in Birmingham kick off on Saturday the 12th of May. Teams of up to six can enter, the idea being to raise at least £1,000 each for homeless charity group Crisis Mission.

The mission has received the blessing of Sir Ian McKellen, who said in a statement “It is a scandal that homelessness still exists in 21st century Britain, so I’m happy to support Crisis by guiding our adventurers on their journey. Best of luck to those intrepid teams as they explore Tolkien’s world.”

Leslie Morphy, Chief Executive of Crisis, said: “It is incredibly exciting to have Sir Ian McKellan on board for Crisis Mission: A Journey to the Midlands. All the proceeds will go towards our work to end homelessness across the country.”

Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien of course spent his childhood years in Birmingham, where local sights inspired scenes from his more famous works. Those interested in registering and getting a team together can find out more over at Crisis Mission’s site.


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