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Samsung Galaxy Y available to order from Vodafone now

Samsung’s entry-level Galaxy Y Android phone is available to order from Vodafone now, where it can be had for a super-cheap £10.50 a month on a 24 month deal.

The Galaxy Y, which weighs in with a 3-inch screen and Android 2.3 Gingerbread, can be had for free on a number of 18 and 24 month plans, but sadly no 12 month or SIM-only deals yet.

Most of, but not all of the deals come with some data bolted on; you’re looking at around at £26-£30 a month if you want 500MB.

The lowest-specced member of Samsung’s latest range of Galaxy Android phones, the Galaxy Y’s specs aren’t world beating but you’ve got enough to do the basics.

There’s 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS for fast internet and navigation; common enough features for most phones today but sometimes these don’t make the cut towards the less pricey end of the spectrum.

Also, that 3-inch screen is thankfully capacitive, so it ought to be easy to use. Though we’ve largely seen the back of resistive touchscreens in lower-end phones (thankfully) we’ve still seen a few knocking about this year *cough*Motorola Wilder*cough*.

Camerawise you get a 2-megapixel effort that features smile detection and a 4x digital zoom, but no flash. Were you expecting one?