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Samsung Genio Slide: What’s in the box?

The Samsung Genio Slide is the latest in the Genio range (known as Corby outside the UK) – it’s a mash-up between the Genio Touch and the Genio Qwerty in that it has both a slide out Qwerty keyboard and a resistive touchscreen. Let’s take a quick look at what’s in the box – check back later for our full review.

The Genio range tends to be marketed to teenagers, so the interchangeable back panels are often bright colours, although this time we’ve got white. The charger and USB wire are present, as you’d expect, and the 3.5mm headphone jack means that you can use any headphones you want. The included cans are pretty standard and come with a handsfree extension that you could use with alternative headphones if you wanted.

The slide-out Qwerty is a nice deep red, and is quite comfortable to use – although we’ve only typed ‘Hi there!’ so far.

That’s a cheeky 3-megapixel camera you can see there.

The handset is a little on the portly side, but it’s very light. The slide action is very smooth, with a satisfying clunk as the levels slide into place.

The Genio Slide isn’t the world’s most glamorous handset, but we do like the pleasing diagonal line you can see along the side when you use a contrasting back panel.