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Samsung i8910HD Review


This is a big phone with big features. The Samsung i8910HD has a 3.7-inch screen (wider than the iPhone!), which looks great, plus neat, sleek styling, every function you could hope for and an 8-megapixel camera, slick touchscreen, 8GB storage and GPS. But the standout feature is video recording – in full 720p HD quality.

What we like
Samsung’s latest flagship phones use AMOLED screen technology. Organic LED is bright, pin-sharp and rich. The AM stands for Advanced Matrix and is particularly vivid — it looks spectacularly good on this phone. Viewing photos taken on the 8-megapixel camera makes them look decent, too, and your snaps will impress with the use of plenty of extras, including face detection, panorama or smile shutter to help you take better snaps.

Even better, HD footage shot using the video camera is strikingly good, though of course holding a flat phone is never as ergonomically satisfactory as a dedicated camcorder with its more natural grip. The camera has a 5-megapixel sensor and twin LED lights. It’s easy to upload the shots you take, and there’s a dedicated shortcut to send pics to Facebook. There’s a proper 3.5mm headphone jack, too, so you can use your cans of choice for listening to music. Maps users will be pleased with the GPS, which comes with Orange Maps, a detailed and sophisticated program.

What we don’t like
Not everyone will like a phone as big as this one, and Samsung’s touchscreen interface isn’t as intuitive as it might be, often requiring two taps where one would do on other systems, and it’s inconsistent between screens, which is confusing. For instance, scrolling down lists is particularly problematic – if your finger isn’t in just the right place, it won’t move as you want it to. It’s not always as responsive as we’d like, taking time to do what it should.

The screen may be too bright for some sensibilities. While you can adjust the brightness, it’s still not bright enough to easily read it in even halfway bright sunlight. This is true of any phone, of course, but a screen this big is hard to shade.
While we like Orange Maps, the maps were so slow to update that it’s hard to imagine them replacing a regular sat-nav.

Like the iPhone, the i8910HD is designed to be a multi-purpose, smart-touch phone. It’s smartly designed and has a screen that looks great. The phone is unbeatably good for video playback and decent for music, but the touchscreen is just too hard to control.




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