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Samsung Jet Ultra Edition: Exclusive to O2

Samsung’s Jet Ultra Edition launches today and is available exclusively from O2 on monthly contracts starting from £20. When Samsung says Ultra, what they mean is ‘slightly better’ – the differences between the original Jet handset and its ultra successor are few and far between.

Samsung rather optimistically describes the new silver band running around the front edges of the handset as a ‘redesign’. The handset also comes with social networking integration (wow, what a unique selling point) and an iPlayer widget for catching up with BBC programming when you have a nice, sturdy Wi-Fi connection.

Other than that, it’s the same spec as the original Samsung Jet as far as we can tell. The 3.1″ AMOLED display is a resistive touchscreen, it can multi-task like nobody’s business, has a 5-megapixel camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

It’s as if Samsung and O2 knew that these minor upgrades alone were not going to entice customers through the doors, as they’ve thrown The Ultimate Gangster Collection DVD boxset to sweeten the deal for the first 10,000 buyers. American Gangster, Casino and Scarface are the films in question and if that’s not enough of the tenuous gangster theme for you, you’ll also get a limited edition gangster box. We can only imagine your glee.