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Samsung leapfrogs Apple in global smartphone sales

Look out Apple, there’s a new king on the block. Samsung have overtaken the small fruit based company in worldwide smartphones sales, shipping 27.8 million units in Q3 ‘11. Apple managed 17.1 million units, and most surprisingly, Nokia coming in third with 16.8 million units.

It’s hard to scoff at Apple’s sales numbers, but Strategy Analytics believe they could have been even higher if not for customers waiting for the new iPhone to launch. Meanwhile, Samsung’s profits doubled to £1.4 billion thanks to the success of the Galaxy brand.

Smartphone sales from other manufacturers (like HTC and Motorola) totalled 55.3 million units, with 117 million smartphones being sold across all the companies, up 44% from Q3 ‘10. Smartphones are continuing to see bonkers growth, then.

As for total phone sales, Nokia still reigns supreme with 27% of the market, Samsung coming in second with 22.6%, LG third with 5.4%, ZTE fourth with 4.7%, and Apple being bumped to fifth place with 4.4%.

Odd that HTC didn’t make the top three, but the universe works in mysterious ways.

Source: Pocket-Lint, BBC