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Samsung to launch foldable phone next year

If Samsung’s predictions come to fruition, the Korean company will release a fully foldable smartphone in 2016 which could shake up the mobile market.

Samsung has been testing the tech waters with all kinds of crazy and innovative mobile displays for some time now. The recent launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge, with its funky-but-ultimately-pointless curved screen, has seen Samsung hit a major milestone in terms of mass manufacture of impressively innovative display technology, but the Korean firm reckons it’ll take another giant leap next year with the release of the world’s first truly foldable phone.

Speaking to Business Korea, a spokesperson for the electronics giant stated that “the industry believes that the commercialization of foldable smartphones will be possible in 2016,” prompting some to predict that the Galaxy S7 – or a spin-off like the ‘Galaxy S7 Foldy’ – may be the first device to come with such futuristic screen tech.

Proper bendy phones would be a seriously smart innovation. Not only would they help portability, but you could have a phone which unfurls into a tablet when a bigger screen is needed, or perhaps a tablet which bends in half to produce a laptop-like device.

Samsung already has the foundation for such technology and has had working prototypes for quite a while, but the issue has always been manufacturing the displays quick enough to keep up with demand. Times have moved on though and Samsung is reportedly nearing a point where it could actually mass produce bendy screens.

There’s still a good deal of development needed to fully integrate the technology into a consumer device, however. Batteries and other components need to be factored into the bendable design and while getting our hands on a folding Galaxy device in 2016 would be great, we can’t help thinking it might be a bit longer before we have more than just a concept phone.


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