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Samsung Lucido S7220 Review


Sometimes you want a phone that’s just a phone, and sometimes, you want a phone that looks like it’s just a phone, but with some downright bizarre hidden features. There’s no touchscreen, a limited amount of storage, and some shoddy button placement, but this phone will fake call you so you can ‘escape uncomfortable situations’. Um… right.

What we like
There’s lots to like about the Samsung Lucido – the AMOLED screen is superbright, and the overall design means it’s compact, while the brushed metal casing gives it an air of quality. The camera is also worth mentioning – at 5 megapixels, it’s not the best around, but it does come with GPS tagging, so you can upload your photos with information about where they were taken. There’s also the panoramic mode, face detection and smile shot, whilst you can activate anti-shake in both camera or video mode.

But enough about that. This camera’s got skills. Fake Call allows you to assign a shortcut key, which when pressed, activates the phone to fake call you, apparently helping you in ‘awkward or potentially dangerous situations’. You can even record audio for the phone to speak back to you, so your awkward companion can hear someone on the other end. There’s also an SOS text function, which will text pre-assigned numbers for you, and a mobile tracker, which will use the GPS to alert pre-assigned numbers where the phone is if a new SMS is inserted i.e. you’ve had it half-inched.

What we don’t like
The most obvious flaw is the layout of the keypad – the selection keys sit beside the d pad, which means the one on the left can be tricky to get at (although that might depend on how clipped you keep your nails…). You could accuse the menus of being too deep, but they’ve provided a customisation feature, allowing you to get quickly to your preferred functions, so we’re going to let them get away with that.

There’s always the argument that packing in a decent camera is overkill when all you’ve got to view your photos on is the 2.2-inch screen, but with the photos inevitably ending up tagged on Facebook, you’ll be glad of that extra push in terms of quality. So there you have it – very little to complain about!

On the surface, the Samsung Lucido looks like your average compact mobile phone, but the Fake Calls and SOS messaging mean it’s a wise choice for those that have any concerns about personal safety (or being in awkward situations for that matter). It’s no replacement for a bit of common sense and a safety alarm, but it can’t hurt to be extra prepared.




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