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Samsung Mobile reveals teaser video on The Next Galaxy

Samsung just released a teaser video on in preparation for its Samsung Unpacked event in May. The video disappointingly doesn’t show anything directly about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and consists of the camera flying through space observing a number of galaxies, each with a quote, leaving potential clues as to whatever it is Samsung has planned next month.

The quotes refer to integrating nature and technology, power, swiftness and standing out from the crowd (that last one being a particularly obvious dig at iPhone users no-doubt). The video finishes with the reappearance of the brushed metal pebble objects seen previously on the official event invitation for May 3rd.

Here’s the video in question, the site also offers up the opportunity for members of the public to sign up to gain access to the event so that they can try the device/devices that will be on display out for themselves.

Based on we’ve already uncovered from our Samsung Galaxy S3 rumour round-up and the Samsung Galaxy S3 video leak some aspects of these quotes could be a direct reference to the device. But we’re intrigued by the ‘pebble’ like device, could this be more significant than first thought? Perhaps eluding to a far more organic design direction when you include the aforementioned quotes on fusing nature and technology.  Could it in fact be a pebble-shaped tablet that’s revealed?

It seems that despite the hype and excitement surrounding the cryptic web addresses and countdown timers, we’re still predominantly in the dark about the next big thing from Samsung. No doubt we’ll come across more leaks, rumours and speculation as the launch date looms, but until then, keep watching the stars.


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