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Samsung revamping TouchWiz to avoid Apple patents?

Samsung could be making some tweaks to the design of itsTouchWiz user interface in a bid to avoid potential legal issues with Apple.

SammyHub is reporting that Samsung’s Vice President Won-Pyo Hong confirmed the company has started working on the next version of TouchWiz and it is being developed to avoid Apple-related patents.

TouchWiz is Samsung’s interface used on Android handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Looking at TouchWiz and Apple iOS, there are certainly similarities, namely the four icons running along the bottom. Although it’s unclear how different the interface will need to look.

Apple and Samsung have been involved in a patent battle forSa

Won-Pyo Hong also said that the the Galaxy Nexus was designed before the whole lawsuit.


The next version of TouchWiz is due in 2012.

Via: Sammy Hub


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