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Samsung S5550 Shark Preview

Like its marine namesake the Samsung S5550 Shark has a streamlined look and packs a bite. The Shark’s textured Kevlar and metal body houses a 2.2-inch display. The screen, although not able to match the size of those found on many of today’s touchscreens, can probably match them in terms of colour fidelity and richness thanks to its AMOLED ways.

The camera is a 5-megapixel affair and comes with an LED flash as well as the ability to record video at 30fps. The Samsung S5550 Shark offers 3G browsing and easy access to Facebook, MySpace and Flickr. There is a music and video player present too, and you can upgrade the Samsung S5550 Shark’s memory using a microSD¬†card of up to 8GB.




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