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Samsung S7350 Review


‘Welcome to 3G’, the Samsung S7350 greets us as we turn the handset on for the first time. This handset promises us super fast web browsing as well as a high res screen and great music player functionality.

What we like

The Samsung S7350 is a nice looking phone – its silver styling with metal highlights gives it a serious air, and although it feels quite plastic to the touch it has a nice satisfying weight to it too.

Call quality was average – some slight delay but nothing major to worry about. The web browser wasn’t as fast to load as we’d been expecting, but the browser window is a nice size and the colours and images are really quite vibrant. Navigating the web is a straightforward affair too, although if you’re intending to do a lot of internet browsing you may prefer a larger screen.

The handset offers you the chance to customise the menu, which is a nice feature for an app-less phone, but with such a large homescreen a couple of shortcuts or widgets wouldn’t have been out of place.

The FM radio is a handy addition, but you have to have headphones plugged in to act as the aerial. Camera-wise you’ve got 5-megapixels to play with, and a dedicated camera button on the side which makes it nice and easy to use.

What we don’t like

The slide-out numberpad on the Samsung S7350 is a little tricky to access, particularly one-handed. In addition, typing is quite difficult because the buttons are so flush to the panel. It’s quite hard to press the numbers, with lots of resistance so typing quickly is not much of an option.

We’re always disappointed when there’s no 3.5mm headphone jack as we prefer the freedom of choosing our own headphones. The music player could be more intuitive, too – the fewer clicks it takes to play a track, the better in our opinion. However, the default option when clicking on a track seemed to be adding it to a playlist – seems like that would be better placed in a sub-menu.

Setting up an email account on the S7350 was not as simple as it is with most handsets now, even very basic ones. We had to manually input all the data, with no handy wizard to help us.


If you’re intending to use a handset for a lot of typing – be it emails or texts – we wouldn’t recommend the Samsung’s S7350; the 1-9 numberpad just puts up too much resistance. But for very light texting, calling and some light web use, it’s a smart-looking choice.




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