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Samsung shows off Bada: Bada we don’t really get it


A while ago Samsung informed us about a new open mobile platform it was creating called ‘Bada‘ but we didn’t really get it. So when we were invited to a Bada press event we thought we would finally figure it all out. The problem is though that after attending Samsung’s Bada event today, we’re not entirely sure what to tell you — we’re still a bit confused.

During the presentation we were bombarded with buzzwords and presentations from very important people, even EA and Twitter turned up. We were told that it would make smart phones more affordable and easier to use, and that it will be great for developers. The Bada app store would be launched globally and you’d be able to buy apps using your credit card. Sweet, right?

It all sounded impressive and as you’ll see in the video, it looked rather impressive too. But what’s confusing about all of this is that we didn’t get to play with a phone running the Bada platform and the screenshots all looked a bit, well, as if they were concepts. We’re not ruling Bada out at all but we definitely think the launch could have gone better and it would have been nice to see Bada running on a phone — just saying.


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