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Samsung Smart TVs to let you push content to Galaxy devices.

Samsung has announced that its 2011 range of Smart TVs will be capable of sending both live television and blu-ray content from screen to portable device.

The idea is that you can watch programs both from the sofa or with your Galaxy device. A typical example being half-finish something on TV and then watch the rest in bed, or have a row with your girlfriend and watch a blu-rays  in separate rooms.

The newly announced Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S II will both include the function. Samsung didn’t go into details as to whether or not owners of current Galaxy devices will get the same.

As it stands Samsung’s D7000 and D8000 range of displays will ship with the functionality. The smart TV’s will also include a range of applications similar to that found on mobile phones, including BBC iPlayer and access to Love Film.

It remains unclear as to whether or not those with Love Film subscriptions will be able to push streamed video from their TV to phone.


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