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Samsung Solid Extreme Preview

This is the Samsung Solid Extreme. It measures 113mm tall by 49mm wide by 17.1mm deep and it weighs around 102 grams. The Samsung Solid Extreme has a rear facing 1.3-megapixel camera with embedded photo light, it’s not the greatest camera in the world but the Solid Extreme is designed for those of us who have very active lifestyles so durability is key. The Samsung Solid Extreme has been tested to withstand tough conditions including shock, rain and even solar radiation! The Solid Extreme can also keep you entertained while you are out and about as it has a music player, FM radio and expandable memory to keep all of your photos and tunes on a microSD card. We will hopefully update you with more information and pictures soon. Sign up to our email service if you would like to be told when the full review goes live.




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