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Samsung to introduce first HD Super AMOLED Plus display?

Samsung is proud of its Super AMOLED technology, being one of the largest manufacturers and users of Super AMOLED displays in the mobile industry, but much to the dismay of many a Samsung fan, their new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S3 didn’t make use of the company’s latest and greatest screen technology.

The absence of the ‘Plus’ on the end of the S3’s display tech was disheartening for those familiar with the differences in clarity between PenTile and non-PenTile AMOLEDs (as we explain here), but according to, it seems as if Samsung was saving it for a very different beast, the GT-I9500.

Pixel arrangements

Sources have informed the site that the Samsung-made developmental device, designed to run Tizen OS, also offers up the first HD Super AMOLED Plus display to be seen in action. Codenamed ‘Fraser’, the device has been created for users to test the new Linux-based mobile OS, set to replace Bada within Samsung’s lower-tier touchscreen devices.

Sammobile postulate that the reasoning behind a lack of HD Super AMOLED Plus on the Galaxy S3 is two-fold. Firstly the non-PenTile arrangement of a Plus display is more difficult to manufacture than PenTile, as such the technology may have not been ready for mass production on the scale required by a undoubtedly popular device like the S3. Secondly, the first Super AMOLED screen from the company did not debut on the Samsung Galaxy S, but rather the Bada running Samsung Wave, the GT-I9500 looks like it could well be pulling the same trick with Tizen OS, we’ll have to wait and see when the first consumer device arrives later this year.


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