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Samsung to open Bada to other manufacturers?

Soon Samsung might not be the only mobile phone manufacturer using Bada in its handsets. The South Korean technology giant is allegedly planning to open up the operating system to third-parties.

According to the Wall Street Journal: Samsung “is planning to make Bada software an open source platform next year,” which means any other company can create products around the OS.

If true, it’s clearly a manoeuvre to reduce its reliance on Google following the company’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

At the time the news broke Samsung released a statement welcoming the news, but clearly it – along with HTC, Sony Ericsson and LG – must be worried about whether access to early versions of software updates or Nexus releases handsets – will be given to Motorola.

We should point out that Samsung – unlike Motorola – also manufactures Windows Phone handsets. It recently announcing the Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash, both which will be running WP7.5 Mango.

Although we like Bada – the Wave 2 is a good mid-range handset, we feel the operating system just isn’t as flexible Android or Windows Phone, although the company is releasing Bada 2.0 very soon, which promises new features.

Is there also space for another app store? Especially after what happened with HP and webOS?

What do you think of this news if true? Would you be interested in a Sony Ericsson handset or HTC handset running Bada? Also, are we really likely to see LG signing up to a Samsung operating system?

Via: Engadget