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Samsung to unveil something ‘big’ in mobile next month

As the Tech world gears up for all sorts of big screen goodness at IFA in Germany, Samsung look set to reveal another mysterious addition to its mobile range.

Sadly it’s another one of those oblique glowy videos, like those that preceded the Samsung Galaxy S2.

So aside from most Samsung phone holders being handsome/ beautiful fashionable types, what else can we glean from it? Well, it looks like it does calls, you can type and/or play games on it. And that’s about it.

As BestBoyz have noted, the YouTube video is tagged with LTE and 4G, meaning it’s probably not a handset we’ll be seeing soon in the UK – we need those networks first. It’s another Galaxy phone, which means it’ll be an Android offering.

There are several phones rumoured to be on the horizon; maybe one of those from the ‘leaked’ roadmap? It could be one of the several Galaxy S2 variants that are set to arrive in on US phone networks; that would tie-in well with these LTE and 4G hints.

All is set to be revealed on 1st September 2011. Expect to here plenty more then.

UPDATE:The video is up again. Watch it in all it’s vague glory!

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