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Samsung Tocco Lite Review


The Samsung Tocco Lite is an inexpensive touchscreen phone that keeps things simple — but is it too simple?

What we like
Considering it’s a budget touchscreen phone the Tocco Lite’s display is bright and crisp and very responsive – texting and dialling is easy. The Lite uses a series of customisable widgets that display services such as a clock, and links to social networking sites.

We found the interface basic but straightforward. On the back there’s a 3.2-megapixel camera which takes ok photos in daylight but there’s no LED photo light or flash so pictures in low light are poor.

What we don’t like
Similar to the LG Cookie, the Tocco Lite is very basic and there’s no 3G, no Wi-Fi and no GPS. We may have liked it more if there was a standard 3.5mm headphone jack but you don’t even get that.

The Samsung Tocco Lite is fine if you just want a touchscreen and the very basics. The touchscreen is very responsive and bright which is great but don’t buy this phone if you want mobile Internet access or if you want to download apps.




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