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Samsung working on transparent, rear-touch smartphone display

Chubby-faced northern comedy favourite, Peter Kay, once declared in his famed Phoenix Nights TV series that garlic bread was “the future”, and while we were previously happy to roll with that, Samsung has now cheekily pinched that tenuous-owned title from said bread with one firm fondle of the backside. Yes, the rear-touch transparent smartphone display is coming…

Samsung's transparent touchy tech

Seeking to bring the stuff of Sci-Fi to smartphones, a filed patent sees the South Koreans taking the tech they first showcased in an LCD TV back in 2010 to the mobile arena with see-through screens that offer touch control from both front and back.

Other than being utterly cool, the prime purpose of developing this transparent technology seems to be to offer users the ability to open up larger folder images by tapping round the back, and then exploring the contents free from the view-obstruction of one’s own fingers. Also, special navigation of Sammy’s new screen will allow access to additional menu options, photos, notes, and any other kind of additional information you could conceivable wish to call up.

Other funky functions include being allowed to overlap on-screen objects and then access them on the UI independently using either the front or back of the display, the ability to scroll through video content and photo libraries without getting your digits in the way of the display, and providing a very important new aspect that effectively doubles smartphone security by delivering two 3×3 number grids (one front and one rear, obviously) for unlocking the whole shebang.

Double security, double the cool

Whilst the, frankly, awesome patent was filed in the US in Q2 of this year, annoyingly Samsung is staying tight-lipped as to when we might see its sexy new touchscreen tech become commercially available… but at least we know it really is “the future”. Garlic bread? Pah!


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