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Samsung TV Discovery brings remote, TV search, social sharing and more to smartphones

The concept of using your smartphone to control your other household tech isn’t new, but it’s only now that we’re starting to see manufacturers really grasping this idea and building in easy-to-use systems with which consumers can enjoy without hunting around for third party solutions or obscure workarounds.

Samsung are offering up the latest iteration such technology in the form of their new TV Discovery service which appeared on SamsungTomorrow earlier today. Set to launch next week, the service aims to help users find live TV and video content from multiple sources including VoD services, standard TV, YouTube and more. According to Samsung’s Dr Won-Pyo Hong, the system will, over time, learn the preferences of the user, streamlining what content is recommended.

TV Discovery app concept

Dr Hong explains, “TV Discovery lets you search and watch content from across our provider partners, whether within your preferred subscriptions or on-demand. The service also features personalised recommendation technology that enables consumers to “teach” the service their own personal preferences. The more you engage with the service, the more relevant the returned recommendations for TV, movies and other on-demands entertainment. It could not be simpler.

The TV Discovery service works across both Samsung’s SMART TVs and select Samsung devices, such as their smartphones and tablets (we’ve polled Samsung for a list of compatible products and will let you know which support the new service), allowing users to control their TV, search for content from the aforementioned range of sources, receive recommendations and even share content from the TV Discovery service to social networks.

The full service will help Samsung users get a better hold of their TV experience and should allow people to find interesting new shows and videos they wouldn’t have otherwise found. Check back after MWC when we’ll have more info.


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