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Samsung U600 Review


The slim line Samsung U600 continues the current trend of thin waif-like handsets and follows on from the immensely popular ultra-thin D900. At just 10.9mm it’s impressive how many features Samsung has crammed in but has it tried to cram in too much?

What we like
The Samsung U600 looks fantastic and weighs just 81g, a whole 10g less than its predecessor the D900. Even though it’s so thin and light, the U600 still houses a relatively large screen, which is great for reading text messages on. On the back there’s 3.2-megapixel camera that takes better pictures than we expected and includes autofocus and an LED photo light.

What we don’t like
Touch-sensitive buttons might sound cool but they end up being a pain to use. We managed to brush the touch-sensitive keys a few times and cancel text messages or access menus by mistake. Equally frustrating is the lack of 3G, which means Web browsing can be very slow and the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack means you’re stuck using the proprietary headphones to listen to music.

While we like the addition of a camera with autofocus in such a slim device, the camera’s shutter speed leaves a lot to be desired — its fine if you are taking pictures of stationary object but anything that moves can look blurry. The LED photo light works ok at close range but don’t expect well-illuminated pics of friends partying in a club, for example.

Samsung has created yet another ultra-thin handset that packs in lots of features. If you’re looking for a very thin phone then this should be on the list but be warned, the touch sensitive keys can get very annoying. It’s not a great all-rounder, if you’re interested in using it as a multimedia device then we’d recommend looking at a different phone.




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