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Samsung busts out new upgraded Galaxy Grand 2

Like the much need facelift of a stately, old hotel, Samsung has unveiled a welcome upgrade for its Galaxy Grand 2 smartphone, proving what we all really knew deep down inside: despite what kindly ladies might say, size does matter.

Samsung's Grand redesigns...

Consequently, Sammy has given more serious consideration to this mobile’s moniker and subsequently boosted the screen size up to a far more ‘grand’ fitting 5.25-inches, while simultaneously increasing resolution from the pitiful 800 x 480 found on the original to a far more easy-on-the-eye HD 1280 x 720 and imbuing it with a 16:9 aspect ratio. All of which should make watching movies on the go as good as it gets.

Delving deeper, the new Grand 2 comes powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz processor – another upgrade from the former incarnation’s dual-core effort – features 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of built-in memory (expandable to 64GB via microSD card slot), dual SIM support if you wish to switch between carriers, a 2,600mAh battery that Samsung say will deliver 17 hours of calls and 10 hours of playback from a single full charge, and finally, choosing not to a-Grand-ize soul-stealing any more than necessary, it retains the 8-megapixel rear camera (complete with LED flash) and1.9-megapixel front-facer of the former model.

However, while the image-harvesting hardware might not have been ramped up, new software photo features such as Best Face, Best Photo and Continuous Shot will serve to compensate those who might otherwise feel cheated out of a megapixel or two.

Running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and expected to be weighing in with a price tag as cheap as reasonable costing chips, we know the new Grand 2 is definitely making its way to the UK market, we just don’t know when exactly. So keep eyes firmly affixed and watch this space for more…


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