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Samsung Wave II heading to the UK in December: New bada phone

Samsung has unveiled a new high-end bada smartphone in the form of the Samsung Wave II (GT S8530).

With a large 3.7-inch “Super Clear” LCD screen, the handset offers super-sharp video playback and can support multiple video files. The Wave II has the now almost obligatory ability to record video in 720P using the camera, which comes in at a slightly-disappointing 5-megapixels. The operating system comes with Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface so should feel familiar to anyone who’s used a TouchWiz phone before – like the Samsung Galaxy S, for example.

The music player comes with an FM radio and the 3.5mm headphone jack allows you to use whatever headphones you fancy – something we always look for in a handset.

Other features include Swype-alike QuickType which claims to be faster and easier than standard texting, Samsung’s Social Hub which integrates social networking accounts, IM and email into one easy to view page.

As a bada phone, the Wave II also offers Samsung Apps which, er, may be a draw for some. There’s nothing that really sets this phone apart, specs-wise so we’ll reserve judgement until we get one in our hands to review. But if your interest is already piqued then you have a couple of months to wait – the Samsung Wave II will be out in the UK in December 2010.


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