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Samsung waves in three new Wave handsets

Finally, a phone announcement that isn’t anything to do with Windows Phone 7. Samsung has announced that three new Wave handsets will be heading to the UK sometime this November.

The three Bada-powered handsets are the catchily titled Samsung Wave 525, Samsung Wave 575 and the Samsung Wave 533.

All of these new Wave phones are pretty similar in terms of design and features; each has a 3.2-inch touchscreen and a 3.2-megapixel camera, features Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 user interface and comes with access to the Samsung Apps app store.

The Samsung Wave 525 is the most basic of the three, only coming with EDGE internet access. The Wave 575 is a 3G-flavoured version and the Wave 533 comes with a slide-out Qwerty keypad, but no 3G.

The three Waves are due for a Europe-wide launch in November. We haven’t been able to get anything more specific than this yet, and there’s no word on price yet either.


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