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Samsung’s AllShare Play allows you to push and pull content across devices

Apple may have intrigued users looking to share their content from their iOS to their television via way of AirPlay, but Samsung have their own offering which they announced at CES: AllShare Play.

The concept is similar, but spans a wider variety of devices made by Samsung. For example, if you take some pictures on your smartphone, they would be uploaded to the cloud, and then be accessible on your Samsung television. Any pictures taken with a Samsung Smart Camera would similarly be saved, meaning that even if you misplace the SD card, the pictures are recoverable.

Content control and sharing isn’t limited to devices with screens either. Samsung also gave an example of how AllShare could allow your smartphone to control your washing machine, letting you to see the progress of your wash, or altering the cycle. An intriguing use of connected devices and technology, to be sure.

Details beyond that are sparse right now – there was no mention of availability or exactly what devices will be able to taken advantage of AllShare Play. No doubt it’s something we’ll be hearing more about in the not too distant future, so we’ll bring you the info when we have it.


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