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Samsung’s Diva Collection offers women the chance to demean themselves further

Hi ladies, Kate here – aka token Recombu lady. As you know, we girls are not much good with electronic devices, especially mobile phones. They’ve got all those buttons and things, and they so don’t go with our outfits. Also, we might break a nail!

As if it read our minds, Samsung launched the Diva Collection 2010. I don’t know about you, but I’m already excited. Featuring an embossed quilted look and fun features (including Beauty Effect for image editing and Etiquette mode which is more commonly known as silent mode) the range has been designed especially for those of us without the Y-chromosome.

There are two Diva options, so think carefully about which one you might be. The “Diva with Exquisite Taste” gets the Samsung S7070 (right); as if the pearly-white quilted back cover wasn’t enough, the diamond-shaped crystal button on the front has been ergonomically designed. Diamonds and crystals, you say? I’m sold. If your taste isn’t 100% but you’re always the centre of attention anyway, then you’re probably a “Diva in the Spotlight” and therefore the S5150 (below left) is for you. This model has slightly fewer features and a hidden LED screen behind the quilting which glitters when you’ve got a new message or a call.

Beyond all the patronising marketing-speak, there are actually some quite cool features. Both models in the range have image editors which allow you to apply a Lomo effect to your photos, and there are some security features which could come in quite handy. Fake call, for example, allows you to send a message or call to a security service and get a fake phone call – brilliant for when you find yourself walking home through the dark and for less-than-spectacular first dates. Much as we hate to admit it, the wishlist feature on the S7070 would also be quite useful for creating lists of things we’d like to buy when we have the cash.

I’m still not really on board with the thinking behind the range – ladies, you can do better than this. There are plenty of nice-looking phones out there that can do all this and more. Remember: just because the quilting effect does, to some eyes, look good on a handbag, there’s no reason to slap it on a phone where it looks a bit ridiculous. But if you’re desperate for a phone that has been designed with the superficial needs of the modern woman in mind, then you’ll be able to pick up the Samsung Diva Collection range later this month.


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