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Samsung’s selling smartphones, but no-one’s using its apps

Samsung users aren’t interested in the company’s range of apps, preferring Google Play store instead.

Samsung users spend an average of just seven minutes a month using Samsung apps, according to a new report. The findings, by market research firm Strategy Analytics, revealed Samsung users just aren’t that interested in the company’s branded messenger, voice-activated search, or Samsng Hub app store. Instead, users prefer the Google Play store and opt for Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube.

ChatON, Samsung’s native messaging app, has 100 million active users. But according to Strategy Analytics, these users are accessing the app on average for 0.1 minutes a month – that’s a measly six seconds!

In fact, users accessed Samsung’s entire app suite for a mere seven minutes in total. Facebook use, meanwhile, accounted for 11 hours.

Barry Gilbert, Strategy Analytics vice president, said: “Samsung should develop a differentiated set of apps that will resonate with its key user base.”

However, things could change as Samsung is experimenting with loading apps onto new handsets based on the owner’s interests.

Not all Samsung apps are being ignored. Milk Music, a US music streaming app, has already been downloaded and installed 380,000 times since its recent launch.

Do you think Samsung should make more exciting and engaging apps? Or do you think they’re fine as they are? Let us know by dropping a comment below.



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