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Samsung’s “Slide-to-unlock” patent case dismissed


The battle between Apple and its competitors continue in the courts, last week winning its patent case with Motorola in Munich. Well, another week another court case, this time with Samsung and for the same slide-to-unlock feature. This time however Samsung lost its court case, reports the BBC.

Slide-to-unlock feature on an Apple device


Samsung is said to be appealing this dismissal and we are sure more news will ensue. “We will continue to assert our intellectual property rights and defend against Apple’s claims to ensure our continued ability to provide innovative mobile products to consumers,” commented Samsung.

This mirrors that of the same case Apple taken out against Samsung, which was also thrown out of court in Germany. Apple stands by its previous statement accusing Sammy of “blatant copying”.

These playground antics have been going on for a while and has seen one short-lived victory for Apple when it won the right to ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Although after a quick redesign, Samsung released the tablet with the courts blessing.

With Apple’s iPad 3 due for release next week, we may see a new round of patent disputes.


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