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Scott Pilgrim gets iPhone e-comics and a retro beat ’em up

Comic character Scott Pilgrim is all the rage this year, thanks to a hotly-tipped movie. Now he’s got a pair of iPhone apps too: one offering three volumes of the original adventures in e-book style, and the other being a nifty retro beat ’em up game.

The e-comics app, named simply Scott Pilgrim, offers the original graphic novel split into three volumes, as Scott duffs up seven ex-boyfriends so he can cosy up with heroine Ramona Flowers. It includes the first chapter of Volume 1 for free, but then you pay £3.49 per volume as an in-app download.

Besides adding movement, sound and vibration, the app also has community features. You can create a Pilgrim-esque avatar for yourself, and chat about the comics with other fans. Oh, and there are unlockables to be found, which should keep the hardcore fans happy. The app is the work of publisher Harper Collins, working with tech firm Robot Media.

How about the game? It’s called Pilgrim’s Punch Out, and has been released by the movie studio NBC Universal.

It sees you actually taking control of Scott as he fights against Ramona’s exes, in a boxing format heavily inspired by Nintendo’s classic game PunchOut.

Alongside the game, there’s news on the film, trailers, and extra content. What’s more, it’s free, since it’s been released to promote the film rather than suck more cash from fans’ wallets.


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