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Search for new music on your Android with Chompin

If, like some of my friends, you haven’t listened to any new music since 1997 this app will not be for you. But if you consider yourself to be at the bleeding edge of indie cool, then you might want to check this out. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you downloaded it.

Chompin is a new music discovery app which allows you to search music blogs from your Android phone. As well as being able to play the full tracks you can ‘chomp’ them for later listening and read the relevant blog posts which host the tracks.

You can link your Twitter account to your Chompin profile to see what tracks your friends have been listening to, but this only works if your friends have the app installed too.

Chompin is in its infancy at the moment, it’s not even a month old – as such there are a few things missing. The developers are hoping to add the ability to sync chomped tracks via the cloud. It’d also be really amazing if synced tracks could be accessed through the default music player or something like DoubleTwist or Spotify.

Buying tracks is another thing; although you can currently buy a very limited number of songs from the Amazon mp3 store through the app, one update we’re really looking forward to is purchasing tracks directly from artists. 

There’s currently a poll up on where you can vote for which features should be included in the next update, so get involved. 


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