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Secret social network bigs up anonymous free speaking

A new social networking app called Secret has just launched on iOS, allowing you to anonymously post and share whatever you like.

We’ve all had moments, usually with eight or so shandies in us, where we’ve posted some all-too-truthful tirades on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The feeling of utter horror the next morning is a special breed of terror, comparable to waking up on a park bench wearing nothing but a pair of leather suspenders.

A new social network called Secret aims to smash those should-I-or-shouldn’t-I doubts as you’re about to hit ‘send’, by making every single post anonymous. You can still build a following of friends, as with other social networks, but your feed will contain only words and pictures, with no attribution.

Secret social networking app launches on iOS, allowing anonymous posting and sharing

Secret is available now as an iOS app download, and it’s certainly an intriguing concept. The anonymous aspect makes it a lot less personal, and obviously Secret is of no use to those who use Facebook to post up pics of their cats/babies/dinner. But if you want to express opinions and feelings without worrying about any personal judgement or direct comeback, Secret is just what you need. Other users in your circle can still ‘like’ and comment on your posts, but once again it’s totally anonymous.

The first obvious thought is, ‘this is just a way for people to post controversial and socially reprehensible material, right?’ Of course it’s inevitable, especially given how vocal many people can be online, but Secret has at least made it easy to flag truly offensive material. And as you choose who to follow, you only really have yourself to blame if you’re exposed to horrendous posts – although you will see any posts your mates like or share as well.

Secret also claims to keep your personal data secure, something we’ve seen on other new social networks such as myApollo. Given the age-old arguments and finger-wagging over services such as Facebook being rather lax with privacy, that can only be a good thing.

Would you be tempted to use, or have you played around with, the Secret iOS app? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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