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Serial procrastinators can get organised and delegate with iDefer

Everyone loves a bit of procrastination – some of us are so skilled at deferring unpleasant tasks that we put them off and put them off until everyone’s forgotten that we were supposed to be doing them in the first place.

Those days are over, my friend. With iDefer you can procrastinate as much as you like but you’ll never forget that task that’s hanging over you.

The app allows you to cue up tasks and alerts galore to keep you on track, with the option to snooze them until specific times. You don’t have to rearrange your DVDs into alphabetical order before you can do the hovering, but at least if you do, iDefer will remind you that the next chore on the list is still to be done.

If you really don’t want to do something, just delegate it to a contact by opening your address book direct from the app. You can call or email your chosen subordinate, but unfortunately there are no auto-populated fields in the email so you’ll have to tap it out yourself. The other thing that is missing from the iDefer app is the ability to sync your task list with the iPhone’s calendar.

It’s not the perfect app, and it’s quite boring to look at – nowhere near as fabulously wonderful a task-killer as Epic Win. Still, we quite enjoyed categorising all our tasks and setting up elaborate snoozing systems. Huh, turns out it’s a kind of procrastination of its own. Meta.


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