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Sexy light gold Moto 360 an O2 exclusive

Motorola is wringing every last penny out of its Moto 360 wearable, launching a sexy new ‘light gold’ model today that will exclusively be stocked in the UK by O2.

Here at Recombu Towers we’re not entirely sold on gold accessories (what is this, the ’90s?) but Motorola’s new subtle light gold Moto 360 definitely hits some kind of sweet spot. From the press shots it’s more of a sexy silver, with the merest hint of gold mixed in.

Complete with a matching band, this light gold model is probably our favourite Moto 360 so far, although of course you still get that horrific dead zone at the bottom of the screen, which sadly detracts from the overall aesthetic.

If that dead zone is a passion killer for you, don’t fret – Motorola is working on the Moto 360 2, which seems to do away with the damn thing. The Moto 360 2 is apparently in the advanced stages of development so we should see it launching by summer with any luck.

You can pre-order the light gold Moto 360 right now on O2’s website for £249 and it’ll be delivered from April 21st. You’ll need to pre-order before 10pm on April 20th to get it on launch day. If you’d rather grab it from an O2 store, you’ll have to wait a wee bit longer, until April 23rd.


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