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Share the photo love on new Flickr app for Windows Phone 7.

Flickr have now released an app developed especially for Windows Phone 7 (WP7).

The app, which has been in development since the start of 2011, has been tailor-made for those high resolution phone screens, and the photo-sharing service looks great.

We found our photos appeared crisp and rich on our Omnia 7. The stylish WP7 navigation slides between menus and your photos, looking and loading well.

One thing making the experience less-than-smooth is one of Flickr’s only weak-points; you’ll still need to pair the Flickr account with your Facebook or Gmail account. Or, if you don’t use either, create a new Yahoo account. But for existing Flickr users, this is a non-issue.

It also means you can easily share photos through all those outlets, Twitter, and the rest.
We particularly like the geo-tagging implementation, and ‘local’ photos can be displayed on a map, great for exploring or checking out on-going events.

You’re also able to upload and share photos taken on your phone through the app, and Flickr promise a ‘seamless’ transition between your Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 tablet.


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