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Shark iPhone case: Terrifyingly cute

It’s not exactly practical, doesn’t look hugely sturdy and is modelled on the most terrifying creature of the sea, but we just love this cuddly little shark iPhone case. There’s just something about it that melts our hearts; maybe its big, button eyes, its knitted fins or its little felt gnashers. Look at it regurgitating your phone for you before gobbling it back up again – aww.

The hand-knitted case has a red felt lining on the inside, and can be made to swallow gadgets of other sizes if you ask Etsy seller chrisandyaya nicely. Buy it from Etsy and the shark iPhone case will set you back £10.50 ($16.00) plus postage – you better just hope it doesn’t develop intelligence, hook up with other shark iPhone cases and leap out of the water to eat you just at the pinnacle of your most rousing speech.