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Sharknado The Video Game (iOS) review

We review Sharknado: The Video Game on iOS, the only official game based off the motion picture film production Sharknado, starring Tara Reid and John Hurt. Oh, no, wait, that’s John Heard. Whoever he is.

According to renowned science boffin Tara Reid, a Sharknado could actually happen in real life. So thank god there’s now a videogame version of the infamous horror movie on the iPhone App Store, so we can practice dodging enormous angry flesh-chomping fish as they crash down from the heavens.

Sharknado The Video Game iOS iPHone iPad app review

Sharknado: The Video Game is another take on the runner game, where you swipe your character left and right to dodge sharks, cars, flying caravans and all manner of random obstacles. You can also jump over the fishy antagonists, or smack ‘em with a variety of lethal weapons.

There are ten stages in all, each comprising three short sections. The first section involves you sprinting down a road until you collect a glowing surfboard, which then whisks you to a surfing section. Last up is the most insane part, where you find yourself hurtling through the air on the back of a shark, chainsawing everything in your path. Once that’s complete, it’s on to the next stage.

Each stage sadly contains the same three sections, but the difficulty ramps up each time, with more aquatic adversaries and other obstacles to dodge.

Sharknado The Video Game iOS iPHone iPad app review

The more sharks you defeat, the more cans of chum you’re awarded after you finally cop it. These chum cans can be used to revive Fin when he meets a sticky end, but the higher the stage, the more chum it’ll cost you – so you’ve got to be sparing with your revivals. Or, of course, splash some real life money on extra cans.

You can also pick up virtual coins while you’re dodging evil carniverous fish, which can be traded for bigger and better weapons, all the way up to a meaty broadsword. You’ll be collecting coins for a while if you’re wanting that sword, though, unless you once again want to spunk your pocket money on a heap of them.

Thankfully the in-game purchases aren’t rammed down your throat, and aren’t needed to enjoy the game. And enjoy we did, at least for short bursts. As with any runner game, Sharknado The Video Game gets pretty samey, pretty fast.

The so-bad-its-good ‘Ballad of Sharknado’ song that plays incessantly in the background is similarly cheesy fun for a while, but if you play for more than a few minutes you’ll want to mute your mobile.


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