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Sharp to launch 3D smartphone in the next four months

You can’t swing a cat without hitting a cinematic release in 3D these days, and your mobile phone could be the next bastion to fall to tri-dimensional imaging.

Sharp has announced that it will have 3D handsets ready by the end of the year. That’s just four short months away – and they’ll be selling them globally so there’s a good chance we’ll get a look in here in the UK.

There have been rumblings of 3D handsets being on their way since 3D movies really took off around a year ago. Sharp’s panel, which is only suitable for small screens like mobile phones and portable gaming devices, was first revealed in April.

Since you’d look like a total idiot wearing 3D glasses every time you looked at your phone, let alone being stuck in a state of semi-darkness, Sharp assures us that you won’t need the special lenses to use the 3D handset. You will, however, need fully functioning eyes – so if you can’t see 3D in the cinema, you won’t be able to on the handset either.

Sharp reckons it’ll be able to offer a 3D capable camera on the handset too. Massive gimmick? For many, yes. It could be an exciting move for those into gaming on their handsets, but without a good range of apps behind it the technology could be destined to fail.

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