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Shaun the sheep’s baaa-ck in Home Sheep Home 2

Brought to you by Aardman, Chillingo and Mobile Pie, this BAFTA nominated game has returned for round two and is available now on iOS devices from the Apple App Store – priced at 69p, also available online and via a desktop PC version. In this new adventure Shaun, Timmy and Shirley have got themselves lost again and you need to help them navigate their way back to the green, green grass of home.

The game contains over 40 puzzle-filled levels over three episodes including; Lost Underground, Lost in London and finally Lost in Space. During the game you will need to shove, leap, squeeze and swim through various strange tunnels, abandoned mineshafts, underground caverns and evade the guards at Buckingham Palace. Each of the three sheep have their own special ability and you’ll need to master these to your advantage – plus don’t forget sheep teamwork!

As you trawl your way through the game you’ll encounter many interesting objects, including smelly socks (smell-o-vision not included – thankfully), cupcakes and game controllers. Collect all of these to become top of the flock!

Once you’ve made your way to the end of all 40-odd levels, the fun doesn’t stop there and you’ll need to face some “fiendishly difficult” bonus levels! Check out the game trailer below: