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Shazam brings unlimited tagging to its iPhone app, ‘Golden Tag’ £15,000 competition on iOS and Android

After successfully bringing unlimited tagging to the free version of its Android app, Shazam is now rolling out unlimited tagging to it iPhone app as well.

To clarify, the free version of Shazam for iPhone will have its five song monthly tagging cap removed altogether to enable more people to search for and buy songs through the app.

When we spoke to Shazam, were told that the move was a natural one; some 300,000 iTunes songs are purchased daily worldwide from Shazam referrals alone.

Over 100 million tracks are bought via Shazam referrals daily from digital music vendors, with iTunes purchases making up the biggest slice of that pie. Though we were told that Amazon MP3 purchases made up the second-biggest slice, Shazam wouldn’t share any of those figures with us.

Competition time

To celebrate the launch of free unlimited tagging on iOS, Shazam is also launching a ‘Shazam to Win’ competition.

This is a pretty amazing deal which basically sees you being entered into a £15,000 prize draw every time you Shazam a song.

Seeing as the compo is designed to promote unlimited tagging, it’s open to those of you with Shazam and Shazam Encore on iOS and Android devices.

To enter, you first of all need to enable Shazam Friends on your app, which requires a Facebook Connect login. After then, any songs you tag between today the 29th of September and the 15th of November will see you entered into the competition. That’s ‘tag’, not ‘buy’ – no purchase is necessary to enter.

This competition is open to residents of the UK, US and Canada; our overseas cousins stand to win a cash prize equivalent to $25,000 as well as the chance win two tickets to see Kelly Clarkson perform on her upcoming US tour.

We understand that the Kelly Clarkson prize isn’t open to UK residents, so no matter how many times you Shazam ‘A Moment Like This’, it won’t matter. You might stand a better chance of winning that cash prize though.


Shazam was also keen tro remind us that while unlimited tagging – a key feature of the Shazam Encore app – is now available on the free version of Shazam, the premium, paid-for Shazam Encore comes with benefits including no advertisements and live lyrics that creates a karaoke style effect.

The Shazam Golden Tag competition is open to those ages 18 and above; full terms and conditions can be found here.


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