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Shazam Player for iOS: Replace your iPhone’s music app with an advanced player

Shazam has come on leaps and bounds since it launched on the iPhone back in 2008. Since then we’ve seen tie ins with Spotify’s mobile apps, the introduction of unlimited tagging on the free app and the karaoke-tastic LyricPlay mode, that turns your phone into a sing-along machine.

The latest offering from Shazam is perhaps the most bold yet; the new Shazam Player for iOS brings all of the aforementioned functionality into a music player.

This effectively does away with the need for the standard Music app on your iPhone altogether. You can do everything you normally do in the same way – search for tracks, make playlists – but you also get access to LyricPlay, YouTube video searches and share your ‘currently playing’ statuses to Facebook and Twitter.

There’s also the added feature of being able to add tracks to ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ lists, which basically determines the frequency of a song appearing when you enable shuffle mode. Songs flagged as Good will appear more often, whereas Bad songs are kicked to the kerb and ignored by the shuffle function.

Andrew Fisher, Shazam CEO said, “This is a momentous occasion for the company as it is the first separate app we’ve introduced since the launch of the Shazam App for iPhone in 2008. With the Shazam Player app we are staying true to our core music fans by enabling them to experience their own music libraries in a more engaging and social way.”

Perhaps surprisingly, the ability to tag tracks isn’t baked in to the Shazam Player. That’s being kept as a separate and discrete function of the original Shazam app, in order to allow it to function more efficiently as a standalone app.

There is a link to Shazam in the Shazam Player itself, so you can jump straight to that should you need to.

Shazam Player will be free to download from the App Store today, alongside the regular Shazam, Shazam Encore and (Shazam) RED apps.


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