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Shuffle snippets of your tunes to rediscover lost musical loves

With gallons of Gigabytes to play with, iPhones and iPads can quite easily fill up with thousands of songs, half of which you never get around to listening to. Rediscover those old musical gems with Shufflez, an app for iPhone and iPad that shuffles through your music library playing you snippets of songs.

Styled on a vintage amp, you choose the skip interval – which can be anywhere between 20 seconds and two minutes – using the slider. It doesn’t just play the first part of the song (which you could technically do yourself using shuffle function in the music player) but takes a section from the middle. Songs you really loathe can be skipped using the controls and if you want to listen to the whole song there’s a button for that too.

It’s also perfect for impromptu ‘name the song’ sessions and for showing off how fabulously eclectic you are. But beware: there’s no way to avoid it shuffling through to that one McFly album you “were given”, nor that one Justin Bieber song you bought to be, like, totally ironic.


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